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Critical thinking and creative thinking work together to create innovation in the design thinking process. It is the ability to recognize problems and find practicable methods to solve those problems. A well-groomed and cultivated critical and creative HR Officer can raise vital questions, gather and assess information, recognize assumptions, interpret data by applying critical reasoning to arrive at well-reasoned conclusions and solutions for accurate problem-solving. How then should they communicate this effectively with others to figure out (joint) solutions to problems is at the core of this Creative Thinking for HR training course.


Participants attending the Creative Thinking for HR training course will:

  • Assess their own thinking and communicating style preferences through a variety of critical thinking, creative thinking, and design thinking tools
  • Appreciate the vital importance that communication and active listening have in building a sustainable environment, where dispassionate measurement and assessment, coupled with critical and creative thinking are consistently taken
  • Have obtained the necessary skills to make better business decisions
  • Recognize the difference between solving problems and finding solutions
  • Takeaway a toolkit of creative and design thinking techniques to enable them to cope with the challenges which lie ahead


Creative Thinking for HR training program is designed for:

  • HR Officers who wish to improve the accuracy of their conclusions and decisions
  • HR personnel who desire to develop critical thinking and problem solving as a core competency
  • HR professionals who are looking for a refresher program on how to analyze, measure, assess problems, and develop appropriate solutions.


The core learning experience centers around a series of practical case study exercises, which will be drawn on to illustrate the key skills required in measuring, assessing, and critically thinking through problems in an innovative way. This program will encourage delegates to test explore a variety of tools and techniques which will test their practical application.


Hourly Schedule

Day 1

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Identifying Potential Risks and Future Problems
KeyTopics: Identify potential risks and future problems that may arise from company decisions related to employees and from applying exceptions Recognize appropriate questions during investigations to gather relevant information and avoid irrelevant details to critically evaluate a situation Managing the risk Decision making applied Establishing the right climate

Day 2

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Critical Thinking Models & Process
KeyTopics: Use the Critical Thinking Process to gather and interpret relevant information and come to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions Idea generation and problem-solving Influencing for success – a critical evaluation of our preferred style of influencing Developing a Stakeholder Analysis – Power versus Influence The steps for effective problem solving and decision making – using several different models

Day 3

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Clarifying the Reality - Visualisation and Fact-finding
KeyTopics: Employ visualization and fact-finding to verify and identify the real cause of the problem Avoiding Jumping to Conclusions Visual thinking Opportunities and Challenges as opposed to problems Developing a “meetings strategy” to solve measure and assess our approach to risk

Day 4

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Critically Evaluating the Alternatives
KeyTopics: Critically evaluate alternatives using different tools such as deductive and inductive reasoning strategies and logic trees Checklist for new ideas Choosing your problem-solving language Importance of correct information Combining reasoning and emotion

Day 5

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Interpreting Business Focused Information Able to identify the root cause of the problems
KeyTopics: Able to interpret information to reach effective decisions and recommendations Able to evaluate the credibility of received answers Develop critically SMART objectives

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May 23 - 27 2024


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