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Latest Trends in Strategic HR Management


New business requirements and new innovations make it essential for HR to be in strategic harmony with the business. No longer a burdensome cost, HR Management has a new role to play. It must move from an old to a new paradigm.

The new future for HR Management will mean a massive rethink of how HR contributes to the business and how its value is measured. If your business strategy explicitly recognizes that the success of your organization is dependent on your people and if you interested in building a world class people business so that you can attract and retain the best staff and provide them with great personal development opportunities this program is for you.


Participants attending the programme will:

  • Get right up to date with HR management best practices and current thinking
  • Have a unique opportunity to sample a number of new HR approaches to people development
  • Align HR with the organization’s vision, strategies, values and competencies
  • Master HR strategic thinking using an A-Z approach
  • Explain the key principles and practices involved in implementing strategic HR management
  • Leading and working in the HR function to create tangible business value
  • (Re)Branding HR.


This course is designed for anyone interested in implementing a strategic vision for HR.


The program will be interactive and practical. There will be work in groups and pairs as well as individual exercises and everyone will get an opportunity to discuss their issues with business writing. Each day will end with time to produce an action plan for delegates’ continuing development.


Hourly Schedule

Day 1

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
HRM Transformation
KeyTopics: HR Management and the organizational impact it SHOULD have on strategy How changing internal/external customer needs affects HR Management concepts Transformation from HR Management (HRM) to Human Capital Management (HCM) Changing the organization’s perception of HR as a source of strategy implementation and as a means to achieve critical business priorities

Day 2

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
KeyTopics: Moving HR to become a strategic core competency and a high-performance work system that creates real shareholder Designing the HCM strategy model Implementing the strategy How to focus on business level outcomes rather than HR level inputs

Day 3

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Strategic HR Competencies
KeyTopics: Understanding the human capital dimension of each of the organization’s key business priorities Be able to communicate how solving these human capital problems directly affect organizational performance Ensuring the CEO and the Head of HR share a focus on one question: how to architect and implement a HR strategy aligned with business priorities and capable of rapidly adapting to a shifting competitive landscape?

Day 4

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Process Redesign
KeyTopics: Ensuring HRM practices are integral to all organizational systems and the organization capability development Ensuring HRM practices and processes fit with each other and with the strategy and design of the business Integrating systems and help HR to reinvent its structure and approach so that it can deliver the kinds of systems and business partnership behaviors that make the organization more effective

Day 5

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
HRM in Partnership with the Business
KeyTopics: Helping HRM to have a full partnership role in the following business processes: Developing strategy Designing the organization Change/process implementation Integrating performance management processes and practices

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Jun 18 - 22 2024


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