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Secrets of Management

Course Overview

There is no doubt that every successful manager is a successful leader. He has the qualities to lead his team and motivate them to excel and be productive as well as creates a healthy environment and a positive atmosphere at the workplace. The successful manager is able to solve any problem that may arise and supports his team.


The management skills is associated with leadership skills to achieve the organization’s objective, goals and vision. If you are a leader, you must have a future vision to move forward and motivate your team to work together hand-in-hand to achieve that vision by following the plans, procedures and tasks that has been set as a responsible leader.


This program is a compendium of the experiences of successful leaders and managers, furthermore, it will help you explore the secrets of successful management roles that will develop your decision-making skills to avoid problems.


Course Objectives

  • Define the qualities of a successful manager.
  • Encourage a positive atmosphere and decrease power struggles and ego fights
  • Enhances attendance and commitment within the team with the implementation of the accountability system.
  • Apply effective and flexible strategies to avoid problems
  • Implement a flexible model for helping employees handle their own problems
  • Develops listening and communication skills to ensure business success
  • Introduce “Accountable moments” as opportunities for employees

Course Outcomes

At the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Be a responsible and efficient team.
  • Enhance employees’ ability to make the right professional decisions.
  • Create a positive working environment to increase productivity.
  • Devise a way to reduce power struggle and vanity.
  • Provide a flexible model to help employees address their own problems.
  • Explain how to apply accountability as an opportunity to learn.
  • Review the most important qualities of a successful manager as a leader.
  • Provide appropriate and effective advice to team members
  • Measure and evaluate job satisfaction
  • Evaluate staff competencies.


Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for human resources personnel, business leaders, senior executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line workers.

Course Language Delivery

This course is delivered in English Language by certified CBP™ trainers.


This course requires that students meet the following prerequisites:

  1. The candidate must have a commitment to the pursuit of
  2. The candidate must have completed a high school or secondary school diploma or similar educational
  3. The trainer must be a CBP™ at ATP accredited training center or a candidate to be a CBP™.

What you will receive

Students will receive an official course manual for post class reference and review.

Certification Preparation

In this course you will be provided with a set of basic information and skills required to learn the secrets of effective and successful management practices. The Certified Business Professional (CBP™) certification prepares business professionals by introducing them to the best management methodologies and concepts, developing their business skills and providing them with appropriate tools and skills through diverse written and practical exercises, real-life examples and scenarios.


International Certified Business Professional Exam – Secrets of Management

This module prepares candidates to sit for the Certified Business Professional exam – CBP™ B12-205


You need also to complete the following courses to obtain Certified Manager Certification.

  • CBP™ Dynamic Decision Making
  • CBP™ Motivating Employees
  • CBP™ Conflict Management
  • CBP™ Leading through Change.



Hourly Schedule

Day 1

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
New Work Environment
• Introduction • What’s the difference • Is work the new family • The nature of the job

Day 2

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Supervisory Styles
• What’s your supervisory Style • Foundation Skills • Showing Empathy

Day 3

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
The Model For Keeping Responsibility Where it Belongs
• Model Overview • Manager empowers employee • Avoid artificial empowerment • Employee owns the task/problem • Manager supports but doesn’t solve • Employee learns from the task/problem

Day 4

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Applying the Model to Behavior and Performance Problems
• Case Studies.

Day 5

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Counseling and Mentoring
• Counseling for performance improvement • Set limits on confidential conversations • Create a fair, flexible and supportive work environment Mentoring • Your job as a mentor • Roles of change leaders

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